Verdant Ecology

Land Management Services

Ecology and conservation are increasingly significant in how we determine and carry out policies, follow business practices or manage our properties. This is due to strengthened legislation and increasing awareness of, and interest in, environmental issues. Whether obliged by law or simply recognizing that a healthy natural environment will add value to any property, contact Verdant Ecology.

At Verdant Ecology it is our belief that with correct planning, an informed overview and our valuable experience there is no need for the environment to be significantly negatively affected by management or development of a site. Indeed, our input can often save time and money (How we could save you money) whilst increasing the ultimate value of the site (financially, as well as in terms of conservation, aesthetics, and functionality).

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About Us

Verdant Ecology is a group lead by Jonathan Bradley (BSc, MSc, TechCertArb, MIEEM, CEnv) that has been formed to meet the growing need for ecologically-aware, multi-skilled land managers.

As ecologists, land managers and arborists, we assist those striving to find a balance between;

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